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After School Band Program — Frequently Asked Questions

How are the band classes funded?

The Fremont Education Foundation raises funds from community members like you during our annual  Fall Music Drive when you register your student for band. Each year over $160,000 must be raised to fund After School Band. In the past, FEF received no funds from the school district, state or federal government for this program; however, following a shortfall in fundraising last year, FUSD came through with generous funding for the After School Band program for 2017-2018!

The money raised by FEF along with the district funds will pay for  our band instructors’ and coordinator’s salaries and a small percentage of overhead for mailings, fliers, etc. Please consider making a donation to our Music fund. Remember corporate matching through your employer-- many companies will match your generosity! Check with your employer to see if a matching program is available.

How else can I help?

The Fremont Education Foundation is all volunteer-run and we rely on our volunteers to keep the After-School Band Program going each year. There are many opportunities to help with the band classes, publicity, technology, fundraising, and parades. Contact Bobbie Platt at band@fremont-education.org with questions and to volunteer.

What exactly do you teach?

The program objectives are:

  1. Provide basic instruction on how to play the instrument selected including correct finger/hand positioning, posture, embrochure (mouth positioning), breathing, etc.
  2. How to care for instrument.
  3. How to read musical notes, counting, and rhythm.
  4. Provide music assignments for practice.
  5. Provide a fun, pleasant learning experience.
  6. Have students perform in a concert showcasing their new abilities.


How long does the band program run?

Thanks to the generous funds provided by the community and FUSD, FEF is thrilled to continue providing 24 weeks of band instruction. The program begins in October and ends in May. A spring concert is held at your area high school attendance area to complete the year with a performance.

Where is the band class held?

For convenience, each band class is held at your child's elementary school site right after school. For a listing of the room at your school, open the “Class Schedule” on the registration page of this web site.

What instruments do you teach?

*Alto saxophone & French Horn must be approved by director and may require concurrent private lessons.

How do I select a band instrument to learn how to play?

There are many important things to know before selecting an instrument to study. How to Select an Instrument – The Pros & Cons of Each Band Instrument shares lots of  information to introduce the different instruments and help your students pick an instrument they can enjoy playing successfully.

How do we get an instrument?

Students are required to provide their own instruments either by rental or ownership. Please only rent or buy from reputable music stores like Allegro Music and C&L Music in Fremont. “Big box” stores and online vendors sell many low-quality instruments which will make it harder for your student to succeed. These are also very difficult to repair and can cost more money in the long run.

What if we can’t afford an instrument?

For students who cannot afford an instrument, FEF will assist  students who are in need of an instrument. Please call (510) 659-2561 or email our After School Band Coordinator at band@fremont-education.org

What instruction book should we buy?

Please wait until your first band class to learn what instruction book to get for your student and to make sure it is for the correct instrument. Intermediate students must check with their band instructor before purchasing book 2.

Please confirm this with your child’s band instructor during the first class meeting!

Please purchase your band book at the local music store and write your name in your book.

How do you select your band instructors?

The band instructors are Fremont Unified District employees hired for this program and must go through the same process of hiring through the school district as other employees.

My kids are always hungry during band.

The band class is begins 10 minutes after school dismissal. During this time, students should finish up with their regular teacher, use the restroom and have a snack if needed. They should then go to the band class and help set up the room, take out their instrument, music and music stand to get ready for class.

Why didn’t my child get into the band class held at his/her school?

Due to a class size limits, some students may not be able to take the band class at their school site where there is a large turnout for enrollment. We do not wish to turn any child away from this wonderful music experience and therefore will assign your child to your second or third choice class as space is available. Class enrollment is on a “first come, first served” basis based on the postmarked date on the envelope or online.

New class lists will be posted at your child's school during the end of September. This posting will include the class start date, time and location. Please note that this information will not be sent via email.

Can my child walk home after band class?

We encourage parents or guardians to pick up their student from band class. However, if you wish your child to walk home, a release note must be written and signed and given to the band instructor allowing the child to walk home.

How is discipline handled?

Band students are to follow all school rules just as during regular school hours. All students are expected to be considerate, listen, follow instructions, and conduct themselves to not disrupt others during class instruction. Children who consistently interrupt class, do not practice, or are a discipline problem will have their parent notified and disciplined accordingly.

ASB Class Rules – See Class Policies.

May parents observe the class?

Yes, parents can observe class in the rear of the room. You are encouraged to participate with the band class as well. If you play a band instrument, playing along with the class on rhythm and key can be a help to the whole class. You can also be a “Band Parent” by helping the band director with attendance, classroom set-up and clean-up, communication with the school, PTA/PTO, and FEF, organizing fun band party days and extra concerts for the school site (holiday concerts for intermediate level, Founder’s Day, school assemblies, etc…). Please work directly with your band instructor.