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Innovative Education Grants — Recipients

Over the past 27 years, more than 150 teacher grants have been awarded to directly benefit over 18,000 students at the following schools:


  • American High
  • Ardenwood Elementary
  • Azevada Elementary
  • Blacow Elementary
  • Brier Elementary
  • Brookvale Elementary
  • Cabrillo Elementary
  • Centerville Jr. High
  • Chadbourne Elementary
  • Durham Elementary
  • Forest Park Elementary
  • Glankler Elementary
  • Glenmoor Elementary
  • Gomes Elementary
  • Grimmer Elementary
  • Harvey Green Elementary
  • Hirsch Elementary
  • Hopkins Jr. High
  • Horner Jr. High
  • Irvington High
  • Kennedy High
  • Leitch Elementary
  • Maloney Elementary
  • Marshall Elementary
  • Mattos Elementary
  • Millard Elementary
  • Mission San Jose Elementary
  • Mission San Jose High
  • Mission Valley Elementary
  • Niles Elementary
  • Oliveira Elementary
  • Parkmont Elementary
  • Patterson Elementary
  • Robertson High
  • Thornton Jr. High
  • Vallejo Mill Elementary
  • Walters Jr. High
  • Warm Springs Elementary
  • Warwick Elementary
  • Washington High
  • Weibel Elementary
  • Fremont Adult School

Descriptions of Grants Awarded:

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Thank You!

Dear Fremont Education Foundation,

I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to your foundation for approving our grant and providing our kindergarten classrooms with Leapfrog Leap Readers. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are and how excited the students are to use these materials.

Our kindergarten students are able to read books at various levels with the Leap Reader pens providing them with audio support as needed. Students are learning how to read in a fun, engaging, hands-on way at their own pacing. They are reviewing sight words and are getting a head-start for first grade by learning spelling patterns for long vowels, digraphs and diphthongs. With the various books purchased, students are also practicing proper letter formation as well as number formation. With 24 students in a class, it can be difficult to be sure students are writing the proper way.

The Leap Readers allow students to practice proper letter and number formation independently. Students are prompted to begin writing their letters and numbers starting at the dot.

Once again, thank you for providing our classrooms with these wonderful materials. Harvey Green Kindergarten thanks YOU!


Michelle Forbes and Alicia Norling
Harvey Green Elementary