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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2011-2012


Fremont Education Foundation is pleased to announce the 2011-12 Innovative Education Grant Recipients.

The awards were distributed in person to the teachers by FEF Board Members and FUSD Superintendent Jim Morris. 

Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) Strategies Utilizing Visual Technology for Language Delay Intervention 

Utilizing a projector, laptop computer, and document camera, for visual support, the teacher will create GLAD strategy focused lessons to promote interactive language development
for students with severe to moderate language delay. 

Andrea Wakayama Tachiki, Warwick Elementary—$2,521.79


State of the Art Video Production 

A camcorder and industry-standard computer will enable Journalism and English classes to learn
marketable skills while improving school climate with news stories on school activities. 

David Skillings, Washington High—$3,000.00


Video Technology for Students with Motor Disabilities 

This grant proposal is for acquisition of digital camorders allowing: excellent accuracy,
efficiency, and meaningful and important feedback for FUSD students and parents. 

Harold Hathaway & Clara Gialanella, Special Services—$350.00


App-titude for Learning with iPad2: Achieving Academic Standards with iPad2 Apps 

Using apps on the iPad2, students target learning to achieve their personal academic goals and
grade level standards in early literacy and math fluency. 

Christina Taylor, Oliveira Elementary—$2,995.08


Bringing the Listening Center Into the 21st Century 

Second grade students will use digital audio players (MP3's) in standards-based differentiated
lessons to enhance reading skills, develop English language skills, and integrate technology. 

Maria De Luz, Leitch Elementary—$780.00


Mobi-Supporting Effective Instruction 

The use of Mobi Interactive system will allow students to use a mulit-user, wireless tablet system
to interact with digital technology 

Denise Mapelli, Brookvale Elementary—$2,831.40


Technology to Support Multi-Modal Instruction

This project supports student engagement and learning through the use of student network computers,
online textbooks, and visual learning strategies in nelementary resource class. 

Debbie Afana, Brookvale Elementary—$2,561.33


Giving Children a Voice

For around $200 per child, you can give a voice to students who previously
could not express themselves. 

Armida Reed, Azevada Elementary—$847.95


Differentiated Reading Instruction Through Guided Reading 

The teacher will bring together students at a small group reading table and use leveled
books to differentiate reading instruction. 

Mary Jo Taylor, Warm Springs Elementary—$2,997.01