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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2012-2013

Making Our Smart Boards Even Smarter 

Enhances students' experience with SMART Interactive Boards through the use of SMART Response clickers.

Dawn River & Trisha Johnson: Durham Elementary$2,295.34

iCan Master Math

Students become math masters by interacting with iPads during workshop time. This innovative technology will allow students to learn and reinforce fundamental number sense concepts.

Mariapia Cowley & Joyce Aguilar: Grimmer Elementary$2068.73

Literature Livens Math Lessons

Students comprehend math vocabulary for an upcoming math lesson when they hear a story about the concept being taught.

Joanne Covey: Mission San Jose Elementary$362.32

Biotechnology and Protein Purification in Science Curriculum 

Protein purification is central to many commercial and research laboratory workflows. Spectrophotometers measure purity in laboratories. Students benefit by having practice with this necessary tool.. 

Karrie Ware: Mission San Jose High School$2,182.38

iPads to Improve Fine Motor Skills 

Kindergarteners will improve their fine motor skills with the use of iPads and specially designed applications.

Alicia Norling & Michelle Forbes: Harvey Green Elementary$2,893.95

Bringing Cultural Art History to Life 

Technology will enhance information in the classroom environment by integrating auditory and visual modalities. All student populations and learning styles will benefit. 

Alexsandra Lefkort: Thornton Jr. High$872.75

Social Studies iPads

iPads will be used in the classroom to give students access to research materials to help them become 21st century learners.

Audrey Suratos: American High School$3,000.00

Learning Through Digital Comic Books

Comic Life 2 is an award-winning program that gets kids excited about writing by allowing them to create their own digital comic books.

Sue Troia: Mattos Elementary$325.19

Integrating iPads to Improve Students' Writing Skills, Collaboration, and Creativity

Elementary students of today often gravitate toward the latest technology-driven activities. The integration of iPads will make writing more engaging and interactive.

Sarah Simon: Chadbourne Elementary—$2,968.43

Voyage Inside the Human Body

iPads will interactively explore the human body: the brain's circuitry, digestive system, power of addiction on the brain, reproduction system, and fetal development.

Rebecca Devakumar & Melanie Gavin: Irvington High School$3,000.00

E-Beam Portable Interactive Teaching

Portable E-Beam Interactive technology allows students to learn collaboratively and provides multiple ways to interact with content as students manipulate text and graphics.

Ann Mansell, Chris Orr, Joanna Simon, & Sze-lung Tsai: John Gomes Elementary$3,000.00

Using iPads in a Social Studies Classroom

Students will be taught how to incorporate new technologies to enhance learning and engage students.

Ken Peffer: American High School$3,000.00

The Saving and Passage of Time through Photography and Animatio

In a critical and art-historic framework students will deconstruct time within photography and then reconstruct it with videography, while developing advanced technical skills.

Shiloh Burton: Irvington High School$2,850.45

Three-Dimensional Teaching Works

The purpose of this grant is to replace aging and non-functioning laptops with new ones in our innovative three-dimensional teaching program.

Mark Taubman-Walker, Jonelle Brown, Rochelle Hooks, & Harry Pabley: American High School$2,850.00

Clicking for Understanding

This grant will equip the sixth grade classrooms with a student response system so that teachers can check for understanding from students and they can respond anonymously.

Tracy Barnett & Sharon Kirker: Vallejo Mill Elementary$3,000.00

ESL Distance Learning Students Connect, Collaborate, and Publish

ESL Distance Learning students will use iPads to connect and collaborate with their peers. Collaborative student work will be published online.

Sharon Ram: Fremont Adult School$2,743.11

You Glo Girl! pGlo Bacterial Transformation Lab

Biology students learn advanced techniques for transforming bacteria with genes from bioluminescent jellyfish, which causes the bacteria to glow bright green!

Maia Steward, Sulakshna Anand, & Poonam Sharma: Irvington High School$2,924.07