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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2013-2014

Assistive Technology to Support Written Expression 

This project employs assistive technology to engage and support students in the writing process in order to build self-confidence and strengthen skills in written expression.

Debbie Afana: Brookvale$1,338.52

Improving Students' Writing Skills Using ipads

Using ipads to engage students in collaborative writing projects keeps persistence levels high and prepares students for jobs in the 21st century.

Pamela Weiss Barr: Adult School$3,000.00

Acid Rain, Global Warming and the Ozone Layer. Oh my!

Human activity has changed the atmosphere. Students will explore how history, science and engineering can propose solutions to mitigate the socio-economic impact of this activity.

Gary Benz: American High$2,829.05

Empowering Students with Video Micro-Lectures 

Utilizing modern mobile technologies, students will produce a web-based portfolio of video recorded micro-lectures demonstrating proficiency in the grade level skills necessary for academic success.

Kyle Cayce: Blacow$3,000.00

Using Primary Sources to Build a Community of Thinkers

Students "think like historians" in standards-based projects where they access, research, and analyze digital primary cources, and create nultimedia presentations to share their learning.

Maria De Luz: Leitch$3,000.00

A History of Us: Identity, Membership, and Obligation in Community

Students research familial events within broader immigration patterns, relating historical narratives to their community, and publish the final project online and in historical archives.

Katherine Geers: Mission High$3,000.00

When We Engage - They (i)Respond

The (i)Respond system, a wireless, interactive and engaging electronic system, allows every student to respond to cross curriculum questions giving us - teachers - real-time feedback.

Joanne Gouveia & Monalissa Cruz: Hirsch$1,487.85

It's a Zoo in Here! First Graders as Researchers and Zoologists

First grade 'zoologists' will become animal experts, teaching about animal classification through unique projects and presentations while leading fellow classes on a zoo tour.

Sherri Hamilton: Oliveira$3,000.00

Fired Up For Reading

With 12 classroom Kindles, kindergarteners will access thousands of books and educational apps to activate emergent reading skills and enrich learning during independent workshop time.

Prince Padania: Oliveira$2,999.12

Becoming Digital Storytellers Utilizing iPads

Using classroom iPads and teacher-chosen educational apps, students will become high-tech storytellers by writing, narrating, and presenting their own digital stories.

Susan Quan: Leitch$3,000.00

Introducing Green Chemistry

Chemistry students will learn Green Chemistry principles by investigating various manufacturing methods for common consumer products using 21st century data collection tools.

Candace Sykes: American High$3,000.00

Kindles for Klassrooms!

25 Kindle e-readers to assist in getting unlimited whole-book literature into the hands of every student. Built in features help differentiate for all.

Kari Weber: Niles$2,056.67

Measuring Acceleration

Students will understand what happens to the velocity and position of an object as it accelerates through the use of motion tracks and digital timers.

Hollie Stark: Centerville$2,979.10

Reinforcing Common Core Math Standards Through Music

Using music elements to reinforce Math Common Core Standards through analysis and sight reading rhythms (subdivision and ties), proportions, time signature, sequences and patterns.

Jennifer Olson: Irvington$1,582.65