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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2018-2019

Social Skills and Sensory Project for Preschoolers with Autism

This project is to help my preschoolers with Autism to get materials for building up their social skills and language skills to catch up the delays. 

Mingxia Sheng: Blacow/Glankler$3,000

MakerSpace and More!

To join in the MakerSpace phenomenon students need the tools to enable that to happen; opening up learning choices, teamwork, and problem solving!

Georgette Whitbred: Niles Elementary$859.65

Equity of Access in Music Education

This grant will allow ALL students to participate in guitar classes regardless of their ability to provide a guitar for their instruction.

Adam Anaya: Irvington HS$2,532.50

Arduino Electronics Kits for AP Physics Electricity

Students will learn electronics and programming to create projects ranging from scientific instruments to games and art using Arduino microcontroller kits.

R. Scott Chan: American HS$800

Flipped Model Mindset

Flipped classrooms enable students to drive instruction through meaningful research and collaboration. Additionally, I am able to meet with targeted groups to address diverse needs.

Rylee Dil, Lisa Moro: Green$1,297.67

Collaborative Learning and Tactile Tuesdays

"Collaborative Learning and Tactile Tuesdays" will assist our kindergarteners in developing their collaboration and fine motor skills, with the use of these carefully selected tools.

Jamie Black Phillips: Harvey Green Elementary$2,998.91

Interactive STEM lessons using Tynker and NearPod

The students will be highly engaged in NGSS aligned lessons using Tynker programming and Nearpod lessons to improve STEM skills and be informed digital citizens.

Saroda Chattopadhyay: Grimmer$2,574.97

Water Conservation, Recycling and Reduction of Carbon Footprint Using Solar Energy

This project combines the advantages of vertical gardens with water recirculation to boost water conservation with the help of solar energy to reduce carbon footprint.

Gayathri Lakshmipathy: Warm Springs$3,000

Building Character & Communication with Kimochis

Building social emotional competence and academic achievement through kimochis plush personality characters and feelings.

Christy Taylor: Cabrillo$876

The Algebra in Racing Radio Controlled Cars

Make Algebra fun and engaging: Tuning radio controlled cars where proper gear ratios are chosen through the use of literal equations can do just that.

Fernando Jose: American HS$2,994.58

Green Energy, Choice For Tomorrow

Students will be challenged to work as teams to design and build innovative devices that can use greener renewable energy sources in an efficient manner.

Alaka Devi: Millard$3,000

The NGSS Interactive Science Lab

My NGSS Interactive Science Lab is an inquiry-based Science learning environment which provides students with engaging tools for learning. Students will be engaged in interesting hands-on visual activities on daily basis. I believe in enhancing critical thinking as the key to have a productive science learning and motivating engineering practices.

Randa Matar: Mission Valley$2,937.10

Introducing Digital Storytelling and Media

We are seeking $3000 for camera equipment to develop a digital media room to bring our middle school into the modern era.

Tommie Ebanez: Thornton$3,000

Laser Cutter for Intro to Engineering and Design

Students will use AutoCad to create their cam/gear design. The laser cutter makes the digital drawings. Then students can assemble and accurately test their designs.

Kyra Wheaton, Mike Lindsay: American HS$3,000