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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2019-2020

Gary A Benz Modeling the Molecular Struture of Natural Materials  

Students will anaylze patterns from collected data and develop models to facilitate the integration of Next Generation Science chemistry and geology standards.


Melanie Westover Press on with Check and Connect  

The FEFgrant will supply the school with a simple application with which we can track and share interventions used with at risk students.

Henry Fung                        Allyson McAuley Classroom Management Software for Irvington Library  

Classroom management software for 50 computers at the school library to promote student learning and engagement in all subject areas.

Joan Michele Kerr             James Blake Chobanian Understanding Our Pocket of Bad Air  

Interested students will design & build tools to measure & collect data on school's alarmingly poor air quality. Students will identify potential improvements, notify community and advocate for change.

Karri Ware iPads for Laboratory Probeware  

Students will use the iPads to collect dtea during laboratory investigations. These ipads will replace technology that is not compatible with recently purchased probeware.

Claire Lynne Barr "Read" It Again, Yourself!  

Having puppets and props along with storybooks allows the specaial needs studdents to "read again" a story the teacher has previously read.

Camille Michaud Outside skills improve engagement for Preschoolers with Autism  

Our specai needs preschoolers need to improve physical and social skills. We need playground balls, ball inflators and sensory tables for sand and water.

Erik DeFranco Crossfit for Kids  

I would like to provide another way for students to become physically active. This equipment will help with overall strength and endurance.

Julie Ellis First Grade SmART Includes Art!  

First graders will learn about lines, form, shape, color, and texturee to apply artistic skills using different medias to creat original works of art.

Catherine Diaz-Centeno Coding and Robotics  

Students will gain real-life problem solving and engineering skills through coding and robotics.

Jane Jung Mobile Leveled Library  

The grant will be used to bring a mobile leveled library to our intervention readerrs in grades 2-3.

Emily Thomas Themes Through Mentor Texts!  

Students need background knowledge to have access to the curriculum content. Teaching through Mentor Texts allows them this access.

Alicia Norling Busy Hands=Busy Brains with Centers  

Students will learn through game based center activities and small groups. Students will be introduced to beginning chapter book series to establish the love of reading.

Lalitha Srinivasan STEM Kits for Elementary Education  

FOSS next generation modules will introduce students to the big picture of life on Earth. They learn from biosphere to individual organisms and about the multiple parts that work together in systems.