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2008 Happy Fish Run 4 Education - message from David Bonaccorsi

I wanted to especially thank Happy Fish Swim School and Liz Elliot for another terrific Fun Run benefiting the Guy Emanuele Sports Fund. Organizing this event- now in its fourth year - is a year-round effort by Liz and her able staff, including Scott, Tom and Jen (and now Jen's new husband Joe.)

The new venue for the event at the Central Park facing Paseo Padre, coupled with the sunny weather - though initially chilly and later punctuated by gusts of wind - was a real success. More than 300 registrants participated in the 5K/10K fun run (or walk), or the kids' 1/4 or 1/2 mile events. And I estimate that hundreds more attended who were parents or friends of the participants.

Our Foundation Sponsors GROCO and the Fremont Bank Foundation received top billing on the Happy Fish website, in the unprecedented number of postcards and posters designed and distributed by Happy Fish, and in the T-shirts delivered as part of the goody bag to each of the registrants.

Fremont Education Foundation also had a booth at the event. It really did take a village that made our presence at the Happy Fish Run a very positive experience so I want to thank and acknowledge:

David Critchfield who did a marvelous job coordinating with Liz Elliot in providing an on-line platform through FEF's website for registering for the event. Because of FEF's online registration - which was estimated to be approximately 150 people - we helped Happy Fish more than double the number of participants this year over the preceding year!

Leslie Gupta for putting together at my last minute request wonderful stickers for the bottles of Gatorade and water that we distributed to the thirsty runners.  Leslie also provided logistical support to Liz Elliot in organizing the registrants who had registered online through FEF's website.

Lisa Stambaugh for keeping our website up to date for the Fun Run and registration, including hyperlinking our web traffic not only to our site, but to Happy Fish's website to learn about the event.

Sherea Westra and her husband Keith again for designing and then delivering the brochures and remit envelopes to the event that we were able to distribute promoting FEF and its programs, and encouraging more donations. Sherea, Keith and Keira all participated in the event.

Filiz Crocker for loaning her tilt-up booth to us and sheltering us from the elements. I only talk to her once a year in order to ask again for the booth. But every year she so graciously allows me to come over her house to make this happen.

My son Paolo for helping me throughout the event and in particular being an effective salesperson in asking for donations for the Gatorade and water bottles that we were distributing to the runners.

Anne Damron and her son Keith who helped my son Paolo and me set up the booth at 6:45 a.m., then staff the booth, and later assisted Paolo and me in tear-down at the conclusion of the event at noon.

Nina Moore for staffing the booth in helping us hand out muffins and drinks. Parvin Ahmadi for her presence at the event who along with Nina showed their support by walking in the event.

Kathleen Caine for assisting us in staffing the booth before needing to rush off for another FEF-related meeting on a Sunday morning.

Sandi and Dick Pantages showing their support by walking in the event.

Beth Rasler for showing support by registering for the event and who together with Lara York and Leslie Gupta monitored the online registrations for the event.

Debbie Watanuki and Debbi Pearson on our GESF Committee who helped promote the event across town, including Debbie's success in garnering a $100 contribution from her family dentist who happens to be on the second floor of my law office building!

Lara York who came up with the idea for the GESF stickers and the provision of Gatorade and water bottles that helped immensely with traffic to our booth.  Lara and her husband Steve also walked the event.

Lara's children were also present as band participants for the Glenmoor Advanced Band. So, again, another shout out to Joe Ayers and the band parents and children of the Glenmoor Advanced Band who also highlighted FEF's After School Band program.

I apologize if I missed anyone or neglected to mention anyone's contribution, but again I am very grateful to each of you individually and collectively for your effort.

David P. Bonaccorsi

Vice President, Guy Emanuele Sports Fund