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Support the FEF — Corporate Matching

What is corporate matching?
Many companies match employee contributions to nonprofit organizations (US based 501(c)(3)). This can be anywhere from 25% to 200% of your original donation, at no additional cost to you.

Does corporate matching benefit my employer?
Definitely, corporations are happy to do corporate matching for two reasons. First, it gets them tax deductions. Second, it also gives them an opportunity to be good corporate citizens.

Will corporate matching impact me negatively in any way?
Absolutely not. Companies keep corporate matching data confidential.

When should I apply for corporate matching?
If your company offers corporate matching, please apply for it right away. Some companies have strict time constraints within which employees are required to submit corporate match applications.

How do I know if my employer have a corporate matching program?
Check with your benefits or community programs person.

What is the process for corporate matching?
Each company has a different process for employer matching. Some take all requests online or electronically while others still require you to submit a paper application and donation receipt. Usually, once you submit a request for a match to your donation, your company will contact the Fremont Education Foundation to verify we received your donation. Once we confirm that we have the donation, your company then sends a check to match it.

My employer offers corporate matching but Fremont Education Foundation is not on their list as a qualifying charity. What should I do?
Request that Fremont Education Foundation be added to the list of organizations eligible for corporate matching. Companies may vary, but you will probably be asked to provide the following information:

Fremont Education Foundation
39120 Argonaut Way, #381
Fremont, CA 94538-1304
(510) 659-2561 
Federal Tax ID 94-3144481

Your company will then contact us for any other documents required.